1 3/8" Wide Brushed Stainless Steel Kitchen Stove/Counter Top Gap Filler Trim Cap (2 Pack)


Package Quantity: 2 pcs

Application: Covers the gap between kitchen stove and counter top. With our sleek design, the gap covers blend well into modern kitchens. They are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Used to cover seams between the stove and countertop.

Food Safe and FDA Compliant Material

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Finish: #4 Brush (Typical on stainless steel appliances)
Material Thickness: 20ga, (.036”), 1mm

1. Ships with plastic protective coating on finish side. Remove prior installation.

Installation FAQs:

Question: How to cut trim down to a shorter length?

Method 1: Use a hacksaw and sandpaper or metal file to deburr cut metal.

Method 2: First, use a rotary Dremel or right angle grinder with a metal cutoff disk to make the cut. Next, deburr sharp cut edge with a sanding disk or file. Lastly, remove any brown discoloration from cutting with an abrasive 80Grit maroon scotch pad.

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